Heejoon June Yoon joonjuneyoon@gmail.com

Soluble. 2021 ~ 2023

Soluble. single channel video. 6’ 51”. color, sound (2023)

Soluble is a project that involves narrative digital fabrication, matriality experimentation, and persona performances Yoon initiated in early 2021. The project has had its phases showcased through Shelter-In-Place gallery in Boston (2021), a minature gallery run by Eben Haines and Delaney Dameron; Experimental Models, a exhibition curated by Nora N. Khan (2021), which led to a NFT benefit auction on Foundation in support of Topical Cream; and Pier Contemporary gallery in Seoul, with the support of MnJ foundation (2023).

installation at the Pier Contemporary gallery, Seoul. 2023.
photographed by Seung Yeon Lee

installation at the Shelter In Place gallery, Boston. 2021
photographed by Stephen Cooke,
Eben Haines and Delaney Dameron