Heejoon June Yoon joonjuneyoon@gmail.com


Heejoon June Yoon is a interdisciplinary artist and educator whose research uncovers the ecology of absurdity and latent violence within the contemporary society. Her recent work revolves around web-culture and feminist narratives through building immersive audiovisual environment as a storytelling platform. Through various forms of storytelling, Yoon has been exploring the cycle of perception/ framing/ indoctrination of normality while questioning the ridiculousness found in this circulation. She makes an unsettling audio and visual image where viewers can come across with an unexpected experience of monstrosity of reality.

Her films and other works have been presented internationally at venues such as Montreal World Film Festival, Boston Cyberarts, Shelter-In-Place gallery, CICA Museum, Space 413, White Noise, and Pier Contemporary; and at digital platforms such as the Foundation.app, Wrong Biennale and Radio Nopal. 

Yoon has been teaching internationally via institutions such as Rhode Island School of Design, Inha University, Scripps College, and Pocoapoco. See below for the courses:

Visiting Instructor: Media Studies Department. “WebVR Workshop”. Scripps College, CA. Oct 2020, Apr 2023

Resident/Instructor: co-instructor for a mini workshop "Tending to Cryptid Bodies". led w/ Miriam Hillawi Abraham. Pocoapoco, Oaxaca. Jan - Feb 2023

Lecturer: Division of Design Convergence. “Photography and Moving Images”, “Understanding Photography and Moving Images”. Inha University, Korea. Mar 2022 - current

Guest Critic: “New Media Art 2”, Gachon University, Korea. Dec 2022; “MFA 21 Thesis Review”, Digital + Media, “Foundation Studio: Design”, Experimental and Foundation Studies. Rhode Island School of Design, RI. Dec 2019, May 2021 

Lecturer/Critic: Division of Experimental and Foundation Studies. “Foundations Studio: Design”. Rhodes Island School of Design, RI. Aug 2020 - May 2021

Course Designer and Co-instructor: “Blood in the Louvre, Butt in Vimeo”. co-taught w/ Ji Yoon Chung. Rhode Island School of Design, RI. Jan - Feb 2020