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R.I.P. Ms. LoveYourself: Memorial. 2016

a persona construction project.Ms. LoveYourself is a persona of mine I developed for my 2016 project, R.I.P. Ms. LoveYourself: Memorial.
In the exhibition, her ante-mortem portraits, a condolence video, and her belongings were presented.  
Following is the eulogy for Ms. LoveYourself featured in her memorial exhibition, as a letter format and part of the condolence video.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to honor the life of Ms. LoveYourself.
Let us pray for Ms. LoveYourself to rest in peace.
We’ve had good times and bad with her.
Her exceptional life is worth remembering, it should not be forgotten.
She sacrificed for the good of us all.
There are so many other LoveYourselves, and we should help them live peacefully.
She lives on in our memories, and her death shall not be in vain.
Let none of us forget our fragile lives and the lesson we learn here today.

installation at the Woosuk gallery, Seoul. 2016