Heejoon June Yoon joonjuneyoon@gmail.com

Holy MiMi. 2020

As part of the video performance series, MiMi became holy mother figure.
MiMi sings the selected verses of Sade’s Pearls while degrading into three images from a game called Princess Maker, a simulation game where the father (player) has to raise an abandoned girl (protagonist) until she reaches the age of 19.


The background images are three endings picked from the main categories of many endings of the female character: a mother/caregiver, a wife, and a mistress (among very few options of professional occupations.) The main character is going to end up in one of those ending ‘careers’ depending on its ending stats. Each is titled ‘Nursemaid’, ‘Millionaire’s Wife’, and ‘Royal Concubine’.

installation at the White Noise Gallery, Seoul. 2020