Avoidance Performance (2019)

This performance was a result of contemplating the following concepts: showing, seeing, and hiding, as in what it means to show a curated and edited image to the world; what it means to see the similarly processed images of others; and what it means to hide one’s body behind the virtual representation of oneself especially within the Instagram ephemera. Yoon designed a set that could let audiences face an image of mine while my body is hidden and revealed - physically and metaphorically.

In order to invite the audiences to certain area, a directional speaker was installed, letting them follow faint voice recording to arrive at the range of the speaker where they could hear the clearer voice. When the audiences were in the range, they could see the silhouette of the performer behind the screen, and the cam view of themselves on top of the video projection of Yoon performing alone in her room. A size-varying loop video of scrolling through Yoon’s Instagram feed was played on top of the ghostly visuals of the audiences, responding to the live voice input - mostly hissing sound - from the artist.