Heejoon June Yoon

is a multidisciplinary artist/filmmaker. Yoon had her BFA in Painting at Seoul National University in S. Korea. Yoon's recent works focus on disclosure of absurdity of interrelational dynamics and our very own judgment towards our surroundings. Yoon has been cultivating her artistic research with the support of digital + media department fellowship in RISD.  

Yoon has been exploring the cycle of perception/ framing/ indoctrination of normality while questioning the ridiculousness/hypocrisy found in this circulation. She designs a set of unsettling audio/visual tropes and devices in various mediums; so that the viewers can come across with an unexpected experience of monstrosity of reality. 

:::::Artist Statement:::::

As a research-based interdisciplinary artist, my work revolves around web-culture and feminist narratives through building immersive audiovisual environment as a storytelling platform. The goal of my research is to uncover the ecology of traumatic experiences within web-based culture and contemporary society. I strive to transcend any tired binary of human construct - of virtual and physical reality, one and the other, passive and active... - by using installation to make us realize how much it is intertwined. I unpack the layers of how image and sound of languages construct our experience in the world, and then reassemble these layers to create an aesthetic of monstrosity. Through my audiovisual installations, and reactive screens and persona performances, I bring viewers inside the logic, mechanics, and flattening of misogyny and systemic oppression as it enacts itself through various forms. I aim to continually push boundaries of audiovisual storytelling through my expanded cinema of haunting images, and eventually, to generate further conversations about absurdity and latent violence of contemporary culture.  

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