Heejoon June Yoon

is a multidisciplinary artist/filmmaker. Yoon’s research uncovers the ecology of absurdity and latent violence within the anthropocentric culture and contemporary society . Her recent work revolves around web-culture and feminist narratives through building immersive audiovisual environment as a storytelling platform.  

Through various forms of storytelling, Yoon has been exploring the cycle of perception/ framing/ indoctrination of normality while questioning the ridiculousness/hypocrisy found in this circulation. She designs a set of unsettling audio/visual tropes and devices in various mediums, where viewers can come across with an unexpected experience of monstrosity of reality. 

Yoon earned her BFA in Painting at Seoul National University and her MFA in Digital + Media at Rhode Island School of Design. Her films and other works have been presented internationally at such venues as the Montreal World Film Festival, Boston Cyberarts and CICA Museum in Gimpo, and in Seoul at Wooseok Gallery, Space 413 and White Noise. Yoon is currently teaching at Rhode Island School of Design.

From her panoply of developed, poetic, moving installations, to her crafting of an original myth, to her push of her video and installation work, to her light-object screens, to her daring, shocking character narratives, June enacts critique and shows how it can live. In each wave of work, she has brought her viewers inside the logic, mechanics, and flattening of misogyny and systemic oppression as it enacts itself online.

-Nora N. Khan