Web-trauma and Haunting Images (2020)

Web-trauma and Haunting Images is a interactive video installation using multiple one-way mirror sheets and projectors. Based on Yoon’s critique on generalization and categorization of female identity within the contemporary web-culture, the installation unravels the narrative that shows the imageries of dehumanized women haunting around the space.

In a dark corner of approximately 10 x 10 space, two projections are displayed: the master projection and the ceiling projection.
The master projection shows a single channe video Trinity MiMi - Spectacle in a loop. One-way mirrors are hanging in front of the master projection, displaying the images on their surface, while spreading the distorted reflections of MiMi around the space. On the ceiling, Holy MiMi appears time to time, based on the movement of the reflections from one-way mirrors.